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Welcome to Built for War Leadership Journal, a newsletter by Pastor Jimmy Evans. From the church pulpit to the executive boardroom, almost every worldly measure of success starts with good leadership. But leadership also has deep spiritual, emotional and relational elements, which Jimmy Evans has experienced first-hand in more than 45 years as a pastor.

The former senior pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, he led the church through decades of growth and significant influence within that community. And as the founder and president of XO Marriage, he created the world’s largest marriage ministry and helped couples around the world thrive in strong and fulfilling marriages. Jimmy is also the author of dozens of best-selling books including Marriage On The Rock, Strengths Based Marriage, The Overcoming Life, The Four Laws of Love, and I Am David. He is a popular speaker at churches and leadership conferences across the United States.

This timely email newsletter, Built for War, draws from Jimmy’s decades of pastoral study, successes, failures, hard-won wisdom and front-line expertise to give insight for leaders both inside and outside the church. This leadership journal is for everyone in a leadership position, including:

  • Senior pastors and ministers

  • Executive-level management, from CEOs to GMs to divisional managers

  • Nonprofit directors and board members

  • University and/or seminary presidents and vice presidents

  • School administrators, educators and teachers

  • Elected and appointed government officials

  • Team leaders and mid-level management

The Built for War Podcast

Every month, I’ll also record and publish a Built for War podcast to focus on leadership topics within the church, the business world, nonprofit management and beyond. I’ll be sharing my own thoughts, of course, but I’ll also be interviewing established leaders in those spheres. This will be available to subscribers only.

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At Built for War, you won’t just enjoy tested leadership content from Jimmy Evans. You’ll also be joining an online community made up of other leaders just like you, enabling you to grow as a leader and reach your full potential. Together, you and the rest of this community will work through timeless leadership principles.

In the comments below each post, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other leaders, ask and answer questions, share wins, and get advice from men and women who share your interests.

Why “Built for War”?

What does the name mean? Why call a leadership newsletter “Built for War”?

Several years ago, Jimmy preached a sermon series called “Built for War,” explaining to his church congregation that the local church wasn’t created for spaghetti suppers or as a social club. As Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:18, “on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

That’s language of warfare. That’s a position that requires both an offensive strategy and a protective defense. The Church doesn’t exist to give believers something interesting to do on Sunday mornings, but to actively take a stance against evil. Leadership requires recognizing that stance of protection, aggression and militancy against the opposition—whatever it might be.

What does that look like for senior pastors? It looks like claiming victory over sin and death, showing compassion for the lost and hurting, equipping fellow believers and standing against immorality and evil in the culture.

What does that look like in the business world? It looks like taking a strong stand against competition, against lazy thinking, against passivity, and against market forces that seek to do you in.

What does that look like for nonprofit leaders, board members, or government officials? It looks like a protective posture as you shield your organization or constituents against entities that seek to weaken them, from economic forces to cultural transformations. And it looks like wise strategy as you plan for a sustainable future.

Leadership isn’t passive but active. It isn’t sitting behind a desk but, rather, executing an intentional strategy.

Leadership is warfare, and an effective leader must be Built for War.

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