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Wow, Pastor Jimmy I needed this.

20 years ago I reluctantly moved to a rural community finding members only spaghetti churches, and you better not talk about God's will, the Holy Spirit or the big one...the Altar.

Personal agendas and control inflitrate church boards and it's destroying churches.

I had never been to a board meeting before. Oh my gosh!!! Not for the weak. I'm actually not weak. I'll fight you to the death over the Lord Jesus Christ ....so I was amazed by the majority of board members that sat there and seemed scared for fear of being verbally attacked by board head. They also made really stupid decisions because God just wasn't invited to the board meetings.

Non praying board members baffle my mind.

I'm a spirit filled Christian that God placed in a Methodist church that was undergoing disafiliation. I'm convinced that's the reason God placed my husband and I there.

The last pastor and some members would "whisper" to me that I was "a spark and a light in the church. I was different and it was needed", but at the same time the pastor would warn me not to talk. Afraid I'd mention God's will or the Altar.

It was crazy.

I've never been Methodist and will never be Methodist but that's where God put me. The church is independent now seemingly flailing around without any direction.

You can imagine the personal spiritual attacks that hit me. Little nagging things mostly, but my spirit was so grieved the entire time we attended that church. Everytime I was there I'd find myself saying..."Hello Satan. I see you're here again."

The people were lovely but probably not saved. There was no way to receive salvation during the church service. Never even a mention of it.

The control by a few board members finally got so corrupt that my husband and I just couldn't support it. It wasn't of God. We study at home now and are actually learning alot.

After seeing this podcast I have wondered if we should return to that church. It's a bigger fight than I could emotionally manage but I recently realized that God didn't really need me because it's His fight. I just needed more faith, patience and maybe a bit more love toward trouble makers.

I don't know what we will do, but ....I said all that to say ....this podcast was so encouraging to me. I haven't heard anything like this online ever.

Would you three please move to rural Iowa? It's gonna take more than just one of you. Lol.

It's a mission field.

With respect,

Donna Shoop

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